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This utility shoulld aid in removing redundent midi instances in the registry of Windows System, If you are a user of Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64Bit, and have the dreaded issue of no Midi Data being transmitted or received even though your midi device is detected this utility can create or re-create the most common registry entry that causes this.


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The Utility has been updated to also allow removing of duplicates Mixer/AUX and WAVE Drivers. It has been found on some systems that have duplicate entries installed sometimes this can cause Odd audio behaviour/output. if you click on the Aux and remove any duplicates, then click Mixer and remove duplicates and then the WAVE and do the same. After a reboot this may help in fixing it.



Created 2016-05-24
Changed 2023-01-04
Version 0.7a
Size 1.1 MB
Created by Ian Cowdery
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