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For the VoiceLive 2 Users that have upgraded to the Voicelive 3 and are spending hours manually transferring their presets over, I have created a utility to make it easier.
The utility shoud be about 95% accurate, so you may have to do some slight adjustments to the presets, but  nothing too major.

I have created a video demonstrating its use, so please watch the video to see how it works, basically when run the converter stays on the screen so that you can have it active when your using VOICESUPPORT.




 If you find it usefull, please consider donating to its development.
NOW! supports Firmware Build 326.


Created 2016-05-24
Changed 2016-06-16
Version 1.2a
Size 1.67 MB
Created by Ian Cowdery
Changed by Super User
Downloads 3,001
Price FREE

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