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VoiceLive 3 / Extreme Editor
(Windows Only)  

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Firmware Version Supported

1.1.01 161
1.2.01 175
1.2.02 187
2.0.01 326
2.1.00 350
2.1.01 355
2.2.00 366
midi settings


Any Adjustments in the Editor are immediately
in effect on the VoiceLive 3.

Any adjustment you make on the VoiceLive 3
are duplicated on the editor.

You can change presets on the
VoiceLive 3, and immediately

edit the parameters for that preset with the Editor.

You can copy steps from other presets
into the preset your editing.
You can copy either an individual effect,
or entire vocal/guitar from within
 a preset to your current preset.
making Preset Designing a Breeze.

Plus you can adjust the Genre TAGS
of your presets, to allow you to create
a pseudo setlist by filtering by Genre on
your VoiceLive 3 when using Live


It's that Simple.



Download the Editor

A Couple of Screenshot below

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Created 2016-05-21
Version 1.7.0g
Size 3.54 MB
Changed 2018-11-04
Created by Ian Cowdery
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