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VoiceLive Touch 2 Editor

( New Design for a New Product )

With the launch of TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 Vocal Processor.

Comes the FREE Basic Editor by VOICELIVEEDITOR.COM

Firmware Version Supported

1.0.00 B30

1.0.01 B35

1.0.02 B37
1.1.01 B45
1.1.10 B50
1.2.00 B59
1.2.00 B60


Access the Parameters of each preset by clicking its effect block, either use the sliders to adjust the values or enter the values directly for rapid preset customization.
Access System Parameters for adjusting, Guitar Equalization, Midi Settings, Switch 3 Settings etc..
Controls to adjust the Mix Parameters for Guitar, Harmony Aux, Delay/Reverb Headphones etc
Preset Management, Drag and Drop Presets around to organize the presets in the order you wish including to the favourites location, Rename a Presets and change/assign its tags. Display the list based on tag or combination of tags. Delete Presets.
For the Touch Screen users, number values and preset names have a popup Virtual Keyboard designed for the editor

Any Adjustments in the Editor are immediately
in effect on the VoiceLive Touch 2.

Any adjustment you make on the VLT2
are duplicated on the editor.

You can change presets on the VLT2, and immediately
edit the paramaters for that preset with the Editor.


It's that Simple.



Download the Editor
midi settings editor

Created 2016-05-24
Version 1.2.4j
Size 2.35 MB
Changed 2018-09-14
Created by Ian Cowdery
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Price FREE

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